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beYOU Essentials

Yellow Tiger's Eye & Gold Double Sided Crowns Bracelet

Yellow Tiger's Eye - Tiger's eye is renowned not only for its striking appearance but also for its potent metaphysical properties. Often referred to as the "Stone of Courage," it is believed to inspire bravery, focus, and personal empowerment. Whether you're seeking to enhance your personal style or harness the stone's energetic benefits, the Tiger's Eye Empowerment Bracelet is a perfect choice.

Yellow Tiger's eye is known to boost self-confidence and courage, helping you to overcome fears and take bold steps forward. It enhances concentration and determination, making it an ideal companion for achieving personal and professional goals. Tiger's eye is believed to balance emotional extremes, promoting harmony and stability in your life.

Handmade with LOVE and POSITIVE ENERGY!

Great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, bridal parties, holidays, graduations, or just because you want to give someone something special!

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